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TG Font Bundles / Collection / ©2021
By Iqbal Firdaus / Tegamitype® Foundry

TG Font Bundles is a collection of all Tegamitype typeface put together and sold simultaneously in one bundle. There are ten fonts that Tegamitype has released from 2017-2021. In total, there are more than 90 fonts complete with all the features of OpenType in it, with a total regular price worth more than $1400. And now you can get it for only $39.99. This offer is valid from 1 November 2021 - 30 November 2021.

TG Hagia (3 Styles: From Regular to Bold)

TG Neuramatica (5 Styles: From Light to Black)

TG Aqsa Grotesque Pro (6 Styles: From Light to UltraBlack)

TG Axima (12 Styles: From Light to Heavy + Extended)

TG Praktikal (8 Styles: From Thin to Black)

TG Frekuent Mono (6 Styles: From UltraLight to ExtraBold + Variable)

TG Haido Grotesk (18 Styles: From Thin to Black + Italic & Variable)

TG Glifko (14 Styles: From UltraLight to ExtraBold + Italic)

TG Minagi Sans (14 Styles: From UltraLight to UltraBold + Italic & Variable)

TG Reglic (8 Styles: From Regular to Bold + Italic & Variable)

Font(s) File: OTF / TTF / WOFF / WOFF2

Please Read This For Your Information:

After buying this typeface collection package, you will get an email with proof of payment and a "TG Font Bundles" font file. No need to worry if you don't find the font package you bought in the email because we will send the font package manually via separate email no later than 1x24 hours after you purchase this font package. 

© 2017–2021 Tegamitype® Foundry. All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form.

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