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Internship Project: Euforia Display Typeface by Eugenius Krisna
2022-01-17 18:01:42 by Tegamitype

Football is one of Yujin favorite things. For him, there is no day without reading or seeing the news about football, es- pecially european football. Unknowingly, his life has been affected by football.

Departing from his passion, in this project, he tried to see football, not from the side of the game or the side of the brand as a sport. But he tried to see how he looks at the fans. The fans or supporters are the main factor in how a football team is so loved! 

This project wants to take the point of view of how the un- yielding spirit, determination, and sacrifice of the fans support their club on and off the field. Their love is formed visually through graphic letters and objects in the form of banners, boards, jerseys, posters, and others.

So this project is named as: EUFORIA. 

EUFORIA TYPEFACE is an all-caps condenced sans serif display with five weights & two types of typeface, standard and stencil. The idea inspired by Yujin's personal interest and passion about football culture. In this design, he tries to see a football is about the fans whom support their team on an off the field.

Based on these ideas, Yujin tried to create a straight and provocatic in type visual with a fast and massive produced typeface. So then it came the idea of bold condenced with stencil technique.

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