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Internship Project: New Smoke Display Typeface by Nikki Makagiansar
2022-01-17 14:01:25 by Tegamitype

New Smoke is a condensed, Display typeface that's inspired by wordmarks from cigarette brands. The goal of this project was to create a condensed, serif typeface that combines different characteristics from each of these wordmarks while also incorporating modern and experimental elements

After surveying cigarette wordmarks, past, present, and global, there were some comon characteristics that they all shared: exaggerated and decorative serifs, condensed widths, and a tall x-height. There are also some art nouveau elements incorporated in the letterforms.


Below are sketches of the initial letterforms, which attempt to incorporate the exaggerated serif and condensed width. High and wavy crossbars and strokes, a reference to art nouveau lettering, were also experimented with as potential stylistic alternates.

The sketches were then digitized using Glyphs App. The sketches and digital letterforms weren't translated 1:1, many adjustments to elements such as the width, crossbars, and serif, were made in the process

Below are a range of contexts that New Smoke can be used in, whether it's editorial, web, or marketing collateral. Since it's a display typeface, it seems to work best when it's a large and unapologetically taking up space as a headline, wordmark, or pull quote.

Typeface: New Smoke Typeface | Type Designer: Nikki Makagiansar | Year: 2021
Styles: 1 Styles, Regular | Coverage: Basic Latin & Latin-1 Supplement | Classification: Serif
Download for Personal Use: New Smoke Trial

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