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Expanding Kamengski Logo to Typeface
2022-01-17 08:01:05 by Tegamitype

Kamengski is a brand that has an interesting approach to every product or work they create. They use a parody approach in every product/work they make; this is what makes Kamengski so different from other brands. And At the end of 2021, Tegamitype had the opportunity to collaborate with Kamengski to create a custom typeface developed from their main logo.

Tegamitype re-draws and redefines the main Kamengski logo to be later converted into a digital font, such as tidying up the glyphs structure, harmonizing the angle of slant, simplifying the details and applying them to all the glyphs.

Typeface: Kamengski Typeface | Commissioner: Kamengski, Jakarta | Year: 2021
Styles: 1 Styles, Bold | Coverage: Basic Latin & Latin-1 Supplement | Classification: Display Type

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