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TG Siloka Sundanese, The New Versatile Sundanese Typeface
2020-07-14 17:07:57 by Tegamitype

Siloka Sundanese ® is designing using a structured typeface modular technique. This modular typeface technique is chosen because, in the form of construction and anatomy, the Sundanese script has a repetitive shape in each letter - most of the letters are square-shaped, and only a few letters use the basic shape of a circle. These primary forms are the basis for making the construction of the Siloka modular.

The Siloka letter design was designed with a simple form, firm but still looks dynamic. Therefore the Sans Serif typeface was chosen as a reference for designing this Siloka font. Siloka has 70 characters consisting of Swara script, Ngalagena, Numbers, Rarangken, punctuation, and ancient historical letters with three types of weight, Light, Regular & Bold.

Glyphs Set of Siloka Sundanese / Vokal, Consonant, Number & Accent

Modulation Characters

To maintain the consistency and harmony of the Sundanese script's shape to be designed, the design is carried out using a modular typeface system. Several major construction sections were found in the process, which would later be applied to other Sundanese letters.

Read the complete design process here. | Siloka Sundanese is an open-source font, you can use for personal or commercial purpose, Download here.

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